The teacher is amazing and it is a perfect little school! I love that you can stay and help your little one transition.


It is a great cooperative Christian preschool . Parent participation is necessary but it is worth it. My daughter loves me being there on my volunteer day. She feels happy all the time. Obviously, she is more and more confident to speak in front of the class because their teaching methods encourage kids to express and present themselves. I like they teach bible stories and have a lot of field trips. Also, they have many activities through the year, for example Halloween Carnival, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Pageant, book exchange and Chinese New Year celebration etc.

Nima H.

My oldest daughter went to preschool here and my son is about to finish preschool here. Everything about this place is awesome. From the staff to facility to safety to price. My oldest daughter still asks about Mrs. Kara and not sure how my son will handle not going here anymore. Both me and my wife love this place and highly recommend them.

We are on our second year at this school and I cannot begin to explain how wonderful it is. The powerhouse behind this amazing co-op preschool is the amazingly creative, patient, and hard working Mrs. Kara. For a very affordable rate and a bit of parent participation the kids and families that attend this school get so much! Kindergarten readiness is itigrated into the daily curriculum as well as creativity, play, and exploration. There are monthly field trips where the children get the opportunity to learn and play in a variety of settings such as Tanaka Farms, La Habra Children's Museum, and the Discovery Science Center. Each month there is also a parent meeting where Mrs. Kara arranges to have a guest speaker that helps the parents learn more about their child’s' development. She sets up special events for every holiday, she teaches the kids how to garden, they hatch baby chick every year, and she even arranges for them to have their vision and hearing checked at the school. I cannot believe this place exists! Mrs. Kara and Mrs. Becky put in so much love and work into every students which intone will inevitably set them up for a positive transition into the elementary school environment.

It's only been a week but my daughter Olivia feels right at home.  I love the small class sizes.  Ms Kara and Ms Becky are great teachers and are very friendly and organize.

Stephen C.

Best preschool around. All three of my kids went there and were all well prepared for kindergarten. The teacher is nice, attentive, and is great with children. My kids loved attending and were always excited to go back to visit for the many events the teacher would plan for the children. I would recommend this school to anyone.